How to Get from Rome to Sardinia

From the beautiful sights of the Eternal City to the stunning beaches of the Sardinian Island, exploring Italy offers an unique experience. Consider the best way to get from Rome to Sardinia by considering the various options available such as by flight, ferry, or train. This guide offers a comprehensive overview on how to plan un unforgettable journey across Italy. Hereafter, you will find your table of contents.

Getting to Sardinia from Rome: An Overview

The distance between Rome and Sardinia is approximately 377km. There are three main modes of travel available to reach Sardinia from Rome:

Method of Travel Approximate Travel Time
Flight 1.2 Hours
Ferry 12-14 Hours
Train + ferry 13-15 Hours

Flying From Rome to Sardinia

Flying is the fastest and most convenient way to cover the distance from Rome to Sardinia. You can catch a flight from Rome’s primary airports; either Rome Fiumicino Airport or Rome Ciampino Airport.

Airlines and Their Frequencies

Flights to Sardinian airports are served by several airlines, listed in the table below:

Airline Frequency
Alitalia Multiple flights daily
EasyJet Several flights per week
Ryanair Several flights per week

Taking the Ferry From Rome to Sardinia

For travelers who aren’t in a hurry, taking a ferry is a picturesque option. It takes more time but offers mesmerizing views of the Mediterranean Sea. From Rome, the major ports that operate ferry services to Sardinia include Port of Civitavecchia, Porto Torres, and Olbio.

Ferry Companies and Their Frequencies

Several ferry companies operate between mainland Italy and Sardinia, as outlined in the table below:

Ferry Company Frequency
Tirrenia Ferries Several services daily
Grimaldi Lines Several services per week
Moby Lines Several services per week

Train + Ferry From Rome to Sardinia

If you’re after an adventurous journey, consider traveling by train and ferry. Take a train from Rome Termini to either Civitavecchia, Porto Torres, or Olbio, then embark on a ferry to your chosen destination in Sardinia.

Train and Ferry Services

Trenitalia offers several daily services from Rome to the port cities. After you arrive, take a ferry from the aforementioned companies to reach Sardinia.

In Conclusion

Choosing how to get from Rome to Sardinia depends largely on your preferences and available time. Whether you prefer the quickest route by plane or a scenic journey by ferry or train, make sure to soak in the beautiful Italian views and enjoy your journey from the hustling city of Rome to the idyllic island of Sardinia.


Exploring Other Transit Options from Rome to Sardinia

Rental Cars and Ferries
Another potential option to consider when planning how to get from Rome to Sardinia is by utilizing rental cars in combination with ferry services. A multitude of rental car companies are available at Rome’s airports and train stations. Make sure to confirm in advance if the vehicle can be transported to Sardinia via a ferry.

Bus Services
If you prefer not to drive, there are several bus companies in Rome that provide transportation services to Civitavecchia port where you can catch a ferry to Sardinia.

Ferry Services from Civitavecchia to Sardinia

Ferries usually leave Civitavecchia in the evening and arrive in Sardinia in the early morning. This overnight trip can be a unique experience, as some of these ferries offer cabins for comfortable sleeping.

Travel Times and Costs

By Flight
The flight from Rome to Sardinia with average fare prices generally takes around 1 to 1.5 hours.

By Train and Ferry
This journey can take from 8 hours to a full day, depending on the waiting time for the ferry. Prices vary depending on the chosen destination in Sardinia and the cabin type on the ferry.

By Rental Car and Ferry
This route takes an average of 6 to 9 hours, depending on the waiting time for the ferry. Costs include the rental car, fuel, tolls, and the ferry ticket.

Table: Comparison of Travel Options from Rome to Sardinia

| Transit Option | Average Time | Cost |
| Flight | 1-1.5 hours | $60-$200 |
| Train and Ferry | 8 hours – 1 day | $45-$150 |
| Rental Car and Ferry | 6-9 hours | $100-$250 |

Remember, each of these transportation methods offers its unique perks and drawbacks. Take into account your budget, urgency, and the comfort level you desire while deciding how to get from Rome to Sardinia.

Enjoying Sardinia

Once you’ve figured out how to get from Rome to Sardinia, it’s time to plan your day-to-day activities. Sardinia is a beautiful island with plenty to offer. From exploring the stunning beaches and mountainous landscapes to discovering the unique Sardinian culture and cuisine, there’s something for everyone.

Top Sights in Sardinia

The island is home to numerous archaeological sites, beautiful parks and reserves, and picturesque villages. Some of the must-see sights include the Nuragic complex of Barumini, the beautiful beaches of the Costa Smeralda, and the vibrant city of Cagliari.

Whatever your preference, remember, the journey is just as important as the destination. Enjoy the route from Rome to Sardinia!


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