How Safe is Rome

Rome, the eternal city, the capital of the “Bel Paese”, Italy. A magnet for countless tourists multitudes from every corner of the globe, drawn by the city’s incredible historical relevance, spectacular monuments, delightful cuisine, and charming vibes. However, one key question that often arises in the minds of those planning to visit or stay here is “How safe is Rome?” This article will shed light on the subject and provide useful information to answer this important query.

Safety Ratings and Statistics

When it comes to safety, Rome usually rates quite well on most international scales. According to Numbeo, a popular global database, as of 2021, Rome has a Safety Index of 53.47, which signifies a moderate level of safety.

Category Rating
Safety Index 53.47
Crime Index 46.53

What These Numbers Mean

Index ratings typically operate on a scale from 0 to 100. A high Safety Index reflects a lower likelihood of crime, whereas a high Crime Index indicates the opposite. Thus, Rome’s moderate Safety Index and near-balance with the Crime Index reveal that, while the city is generally safe, the possibility of crime is not nonexistent.

Common Types of Crime in Rome

Petty Theft and Pickpocketing

The most common type of crime experienced in Rome, like in many other large tourist cities worldwide, is petty theft or pickpocketing. Areas highly frequented by tourists, such as Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon, tend to be the locations where such crimes occur most often.


Various scams are also frequently encountered in Rome. These range from overcharging at restaurants to rogue taxi drivers and street vendors. To stay safe, it is crucial to stay informed, wary, and use common sense when approached by strangers.

Safety Tips for Tourists

Keep Valuables Secure

An essential safety tip for any tourist visiting Rome is to always keep your valuables secure. Use a money belt or neck wallet to keep your money and documents protected and out of sight.

Be Vigilant in Crowded Areas

Crowded areas can be a haven for pickpockets. Being vigilant in areas teeming with tourists can significantly reduce the chance of becoming a victim.

Use Licensed Taxis

To avoid getting scammed by rogue taxi drivers, always seek out and use licensed taxis. They are white, have a taxi light on top, and display a licensed number.

Emergency Services in Rome

Medical Emergencies

For medical emergencies while in Rome, dialing 112 gets you access to the emergency services.

Police Services

Carabinieri, Italy’s national military police, can be reached by dialing 112.
The local police force, Polizia di Stato, can be reached by dialing 113.


Rome, like any big city, has its share of crime. But with a very distinct predominance of petty crime, Rome can be considered as a safe travel destination. Being aware, proactive, and savvy can go a long way in ensuring your visit to Rome is a safe and thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Rome Safety: What Visitors Should Know

When traveling to any new city, safety is a typical concern among tourists. Rome, being one of the world’s most popular tourist spots, is no different. Therefore, it’s crucial to glean some insight into this aspect as part of your preparation for the trip.

In general, Rome is considered a safe city for tourists. However, like any other metropolitan area, it has its share of crime-related challenges. Understanding these can help you enhance your safety during your encounter with the ‘Eternal City’.

Personal Safety in Rome

In terms of personal safety, Rome is quite safe. Serious crimes, such as violent attacks and armed robberies are, thankfully, rare occurrences. Rome’s police are a common site in the city, more so around tourist hot spots, which should give you an additional sense of security.

Pickpocketing in Rome

One crime that tourists need to be particularly wary of is pickpocketing. Like in other popular destinations worldwide, pickpockets in Rome tend to frequent crowded areas, making the most of the hustle and bustle to pinch unsuspecting tourists’ valuables. Some of their red-hot zones include the metro, bus stops, and in the widely popular Trevi Fountain.

Safety tips for visitors of Rome

Protecting your valuables

Keep your belongings close to your body, especially in crowded places. Using secure bags, neck wallets, or money belts, you can ensure your valuables are difficult to reach.

Take care at night

While Rome is safe to explore at night, especially in the lively districts like Trastevere, it’s advisable to remain cautious. Sidestep dimly lit alleys and deserted areas, and always let someone know where you’re going if you’re traveling alone.

Research your accommodation area

Knowing the area where you’ll be staying can help you plan your routes better, and avoid unsuspectingly wandering into a dodgy neighborhood.

Is Rome safe?

So, how safe is Rome? To give a quick snapshot, here’s a handy table summarizing the basics:

Type of Crime Level of Risk
Violent Crime Low
Pickpocketing High
Night Crime Medium
Scams Moderate

In summary, Rome is an overwhelmingly safe city where tourists can enjoy their visit campaignfree. However, the usual precautions should be taken as in any other major city worldwide. Certainly, Rome’s robust police presence and the warmth of its locals make the city’s security status admirable.

Bottom Line: Rome Safe for Tourists

The city of Rome offers an indelible mix of history, culture, food, and warm people. As long as you are aware of your surroundings, follow the safety rules and act prudently, Rome is not only safe but a treasure to explore.