Where to Stay in Rome on a Budget

Planning a trip to Rome, the eternal city famed for its romance, history, and culture, can often come with a hefty price tag. But don’t worry – you can still immerse yourself in the Italian experience without breaking the bank. This comprehensive guide will help you find where to stay in Rome on a budget without compromising on the quality and excitement of your visit.

Understanding Rome’s Layout

The first step to finding a budget-friendly stay in Rome is understanding the city’s layout. The city of Rome is split into different districts, each with its unique charm and attractions. The historic center – Centro Storico, is the most common area for tourists, but it tends to be expensive. However, there are several less expensive neighborhoods within reach of this historic heart of Rome that also offer plenty of attractions.

Rome Districts with Budget-Friendly Accommodation

Here are the districts in Rome which offer quality but affordable accommodation options:

  • Trastevere
  • Testaccio
  • Ostiense
  • Esquilino
  • Prati

Choosing Your Stay

There are a variety of accommodation options in Rome that can cater to different budget levels. From cozy B&Bs to serviced apartments, there are numerous alternatives for traditional hotels.

Bed & Breakfasts and Guesthouses

One of the best ways to stay in Rome on a careful budget is to select a Bed & Breakfast into the deeper, yet still accessible parts of Rome. These locations often offer comfortable and homey settings with breakfast included, providing an authentic Roman feel.

Bed & Breakfast Location
Relais Monti Esquilino district
Cecco’s Inn Trastevere district
Prati B&B Prati district

Serviced Apartments

Another great alternative for budget accommodation in Rome is renting a serviced apartment. Perfect for longer stays or for families, these serviced apartments offer the comfort of home away from home atmosphere.

Service Apartments Location
Relais Forus Inn Monti district
Domus Helena Esquilino district

Booking Your Stay

Once you have decided on the type of accommodation and the district, the next step is booking. You can save a lot by using a variety of booking engines, loyalty programs, and discount sites. Some popular platforms include Booking.com, Airbnb, and Expedia. Ensure to check multiple sites for the best deal and book as far in advance as possible.

Important Considerations

While budget is crucial, it’s also important to consider the location relating to the attractions you plan to visit, availability of public transport, and safety. Do not sacrifice these important factors in favor of saving a few dollars on your accommodation.

Proximity to Attractions

Stay somewhere where you are within walking distance or easy public transport ride to the main attractions you want to visit. This not only saves money on transportation but also enriches your travel experience.

Availability of Public Transport

Rome has an extensive public transport network including Metro, buses, and trams which makes navigating the city easy. Proximity to a Metro or bus station could be a decisive factor in choosing your accommodation.


Lastly, always research the safety of the area you’re staying in especially if you’re traveling solo or with children. Prayerfully the districts recommended in this article are safe, but it’s always good to do your own check.

In conclusion, it’s entirely possible to stay in Rome on a budget. With careful planning, you can find affordable accommodations that not only save you money but also enhance your Roman experience. Here’s to a memorable and budget-friendly Roman holiday!

If you’re planning to experience the splendor of Rome but are on a tight travel budget, fear not, as this city has numerous cost-effective accommodations available. From cozy and inexpensive bed and breakfasts to centrally located hostels, here are some additional suggestions on where one can stay in Rome without breaking the bank.

Hostels: A Backpacker’s Paradise

A perfect go-to option for backpackers and individuals, hostels provide an affordable, yet comfortable accommodation in Rome. Many of these establishments offer both private rooms and dormitory-style lodging. A few popular selections include Generator Hostel Rome and The Beehive, both known for their crowd-friendly amenities and central locations.

Mid-Range Hotels: A mix of Comfort and Budget

For those looking for a little more privacy while maintaining budget-friendly options, several mid-range hotels can serve as the perfect option. The Hotel Santa Maria and Hotel Des Artistes come highly recommended regarding comfort and affordability. These establishments offer an array of amenities without the luxury hotel price tag.

Budget Bed & Breakfasts: A Cozy and Cost-Effective Option

For travelers seeking a warm, homey experience, bed and breakfasts could be the ideal choice. Located across various neighborhoods, these establishments provide an intimate and comfortable lodging experience. The Trastevere’s Dream and Rome in Room B&B are known for their excellent service and reasonable pricing.

Budget Accommodation Address Average Price Per Night
Generator Hostel Rome Via Principe Amedeo, 257, 00185 USD 20-30
The Beehive Via Marghera, 8, 00185 USD 35-50
Hotel Santa Maria Vicolo del Piede, 2, 00153 USD 150-200
Hotel Des Artistes Via Villafranca, 20, 00185 USD 80-120
Trastevere’s Dream Via dei Salumi, 36, 00153 USD 70-90
Rome in Room B&B Via Firenze, 47, 00184 USD 60-80

Final Thoughts

No matter your budget, Rome’s hospitality caters to all, with varying degrees of comfort and amenity offerings. Remember, the city itself is an open museum. Hence, regardless of the accommodation you choose, the majestic allure of Rome will always be right around the corner!