How Far is Capri from Rome

Located in the Tyrrhenian Sea off the Sorrentine Peninsula, on the south side of the Gulf of Naples, Capri is a beautiful island rich in history and natural beauty. Its crystal clear waters, mystical caves, and picturesque landscapes have made it a popular destination among tourists from all around the world. But, how far is Capri from Italy’s beguiling capital, Rome? Sit tight as this article provides an in-depth look into the distance and travel options from Rome to Capri.

The Distance Between Capri and Rome

As the crow flies, the distance from Rome to Capri is approximately 212 kilometers / 132 miles, according to the global positioning system coordinates. However, the exact distance may vary depending on the mode of transportation chosen. In general, the total travel distance from Rome to Capri constitutes a combination of land and sea journey, as the island is not directly accessible by road or rail.

Mode of Transportation Approximate Distance
Air (Rome to Naples) 213 kilometers / 132 miles
Train (Rome to Naples) 226 kilometers / 140 miles
Car (Rome to Naples) 225 kilometers / 140 miles
Ferry/ Hydrofoil (Naples to Capri) 36 kilometers / 22 miles

The Journey by Air

Although Capri does not have an airport, visitors can fly from Rome to Naples, the nearest city with an airport. The flight between Rome and Naples typically takes around an hour. Upon arriving in Naples, you can then take a ferry or a hydrofoil to reach Capri, a journey that usually takes approximately 45 minutes to an hour.

The Journey by Train

Besides flying, another efficient method to travel between the two places is by train. The high-speed train from Rome to Naples takes about one to two hours. Followed by the sea journey from Naples to Capri, the total journey time by train can be around three to four hours.

Exploring the Beauty of Capri

Once you’ve reached Capri, it’s time to indulge in the island’s attractions. Some of them include the Blue Grotto, a dark cavern where the sea glows electric blue; the Faraglioni, three towering rock formations which jut out from the sea; and Villa San Michele, an axel Munthe’s ancient villa with a beautiful garden and museum.

The Delicious Cuisine of Capri

No journey to Capri would be complete without sampling the island’s delicious cuisine. Capri maintained its culinary traditions that are a mix of land and sea with standout dishes like Caprese salad, Ravioli Capresi and the refreshing Limoncello liqueur.

Summing Up The Journey from Rome to Capri

To sum up, the journey from Rome to Capri is characterized by a blend of a plane or train ride followed by a short sea journey. Going through this journey is worth every second as Capri offers a wealth of experiences from awe-inspiring natural beauty to delicious cuisine, all embraced by a rustic charm.


Travel Duration: Rome to Capri

The distance from Rome to Capri depends largely on the mode of transportation. While the flight from Rome to Naples is about 1 hour, the hydrofoil ferry ride from Naples to Capri takes approximately 40-60 minutes. Therefore, the total travel time about 2-3 hours, including transit times.

By Air and Sea

If you’re planning on traveling from Rome to Capri via airfare and sea transport, expect the journey to be relatively quick but with transitions. The fastest flight from Rome to Naples takes just an hour, followed by a 40-minute to an hour hydrofoil from the Naples port to Capri.

Means of Transport Duration
Flight from Rome to Naples 1 hour
Hydrofoil from Naples to Capri 40 – 60 minutes

Scenic Drive from Rome to Capri

For a more scenic route, a drive from Rome to Capri, although it will consist of three parts – driving, ferry ride and funicular ride – can be an adorably charming and exceptional experience.

Driving and Ferry

The journey starts with a pleasant drive from Rome to Naples, which usually takes about 2-3 hours if you are avoiding busier periods. Upon reaching Naples, you’ll have to take a ferry ride to get to Capri. This lasts just under an hour.

Means of Transport Duration
Driving from Rome to Naples 2-3 hours
Ferry from Naples to Capri 1 hour

Train Journey from Rome to Capri

Another way to cover the distance from Rome to Capri is by taking a train to Naples and then a hydrofoil to Capri. This option offers a blend of speed and scenic beauty.

Train and Hydrofoil

You can take a direct train from Rome to Naples, which takes about 1-2 hours. From Naples, you can then jump onto a hydrofoil which can take you to Capri in roughly 40 minutes to an hour.

Means of Transport Duration
Train from Rome to Naples 1-2 hours
Hydrofoil from Naples to Capri 40 – 60 minutes

Regardless of your chosen means of travel, the journey from Rome to Capri offers a rich taste of Italian scenery and culture. The distance might measure about 150 miles, but the islands’ captivating beauty makes every moment worth it.


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