What to Wear in Rome in March

When planning a trip to Rome, it is vital to have an idea of what kind of clothing will be right for the trip’s time. March is a transitional month in Rome, with winter gently shifting to spring, lending a new appeal to the Eternal City. But what should you put in your suitcase to feel comfortable in Rome in March? Are there any fashion guidelines to follow, or any etiquette to respect? In this detailed guide, we will answer all these queries and more.

Understanding Rome’s Climate in March

The month of March in Rome is marked by rising temperatures and increasing rainfall. The first half of the month might still carry some winter’s chill, while the second half is when spring truly begins to show itself. Average temperatures usually rise from around 11°C at the beginning of the month up to 15°C by the end of March, with nighttime temperatures dropping to around 3-8°C.

Average Temperatures

The weather in Rome can vary a lot in March, so we have summarised the average temperatures of Rome in March below:

Month Start Mid-Month Month End
11°C 13°C 15°C

Clothing Advice for March

With the unpredictable weather in Rome in March, flexibility is key. Your choice of wardrobe should be versatile, focusing on layering, and keeping in mind comfort and style. Here are some suggestions:

Tops and Jackets

Lightweight tops are ideal for layering in case the day turns warmer. As evenings can get chilly, it’s a good idea to carry a medium-weight jacket or a coat to cover up after dark. Rain is fairly common in March, so a waterproof jacket or an umbrella could prove handy.

Bottoms and Shoes

Jean, trousers, or leggings will work great for the fluctuating weather. For footwear, comfortable walking shoes, like trainers or loafers, are essential. With the likelihood of the rain, it’s advisable to pack water-resistant shoes. Although Italians love fashion, comfort definitely should come first when considering long walking tours.

Rome Dress Code

Rome is known for its relaxed atmosphere and its residents’ elegant yet comfortable attire. However, when it comes to religious sites, certain dress codes should be observed.

Vatican Dress Code

When visiting the Vatican or any religious sites, it’s customary to dress modestly, with knees and shoulders covered. No shorts, mini-skirts, or sleeveless tops are allowed. Scarves or light wraps are handy for covering shoulders when necessary.

What to Pack for Rome in March

Now that you have a comprehensive idea of Rome’s weather in March and the city’s style, it’s time to piece together your suitcase. Here we provide a versatile packing list for your Roman holiday:

Item Quantity
Practical, stylish walking shoes 1-2 pairs
Jeans or long pants 2-3 pairs
Lightweight tops for layering 4-5
Pullover or medium-weight jacket 1-2
Light scarf for covering up in churches 1
Umbrella or waterproof jacket 1

Remember that flexibility is key when packing, trying to include versatile items that you can layer according to the weather.


An enchanting city, Rome, is a great place to visit any time of the year. However, the cusp of spring in March can lend it a unique charm. Don’t let the tricky weather ruin your trip. Get ready for your Roman holiday with our comprehensive guide, and you can stay stylishly dressed for any weather.

Understanding Rome’s Weather in March

March in Rome is often considered the beginning of spring, where temperatures are rising, making it an ideal time to visit the Eternal City. But keeping up with the varied Roman weather can be a bit tricky for the uninitiated. Let’s explore some important details of Rome’s weather in March to help you better prepare your wardrobe for your trip.

Temperature Ranges

In March, the average high temperature in Rome ranges from 15°C (59°F) to as low as 11°C (52°F) during the daytime. At night, temperatures can still fall to a cooler average of 6°C (43°F). These temperatures can prompt a keen approach to your packing strategy.

Layering – A Practical Packing Tip

When considering what to wear in Rome in March, layering is crucial. Days can begin quite chilly then gradually warm up and cool down again in the evenings. Therefore, packing layers – items you can put on and take off as needed – is the key to maintaining comfort throughout the day.

Key Layering Pieces

Start with a light base layer such as a comfortable long-sleeve shirt or lightweight tunic. Add a medium-weight layer, like a classic cardigan or a stylish blazer for the cool mornings. For the outer layer, take a waterproof lightweight jacket or trench coat to keep you dry in case of occasional rain showers, which are not uncommon in Rome in March.

Footwear Choices for Rome’s Cobbled Streets

Another critical aspect to consider when planning what to wear in Rome in March is your choice of footwear. With Rome’s ancient and sometimes cobbled streets, sensible and comfortable shoes are a must.

Sensible & Stylish Footwear

Consider packing closed-toe shoes or a comfortable pair of sneakers for exploring during the day. If you’re planning an elegant night out at one of Rome’s gorgeous restaurants or operas, bring along a pair of flat dress shoes or low-heeled boots.

Accessorize to Stay Comfortable

Accessories not only elevate your style but also add comfort and functionality to your travel wardrobe. In Rome, a stylish hat can shield your face from the sun, whereas a scarf can keep your neck warm during cooler mornings and evenings.

Elevate With Accessories

A sturdy, yet stylish umbrella can protect you from unexpected rain showers. And don’t forget sunglasses, sunscreen, and a compact backpack or cross-body purse for carrying essentials.

With these tips on what to wear in Rome in March, you can plan a wardrobe that is practical, stylish and tailored to the city’s variable weather conditions. Pack smart and enjoy everything Rome has to offer!